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Towards A New Politics

What Future for the World Social Forum?

This is the first book in English by Chiko Whitaker, one of the founders of the World Social Forum, the most important political innovation of recent times. He recounts the history of the forum as seen from inside--from the moment the idea to hold it was hatched. He offers a clear, broad view of the multiple dimensions of the initiative.

As a handbook, it practically constitutes a roadmap for organizing Social Forums in line with the book's particular way of seeing. Whitaker sees the major challenge facing the Forum today as the struggle to fulfill its role as an 'open space' for social justice, solidarity and even peace even more widely around the world.

Francisco "Chico" Whitaker Ferreira is a member of the World Social Forum Organizing Committee (today its International Secretariat), representing the Brazilian Justice and Peace Commission (CBJP) set up by the Brazilian Episcopal Conference (CNBB).

If you are interested in getting a copy of this book, please write to us at with subject line "A copy of Towards A New Politics".



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